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Guide To Planning A Rome Trip


Rome (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_be_back_on_Jan_20th)

A Rome trip may sounds like a dream come true as you imagine encountering the magnificent monuments, dining at the finest restaurants and witnessing one of the most beautiful cityscape in the world; however the same dream may turn into a nightmare if you do not plan your trip properly. Thus, Rome trip planning is important and you should arm yourself with the right information regarding the city to help you make the most of your vacation and also save money.

The passport is definitely important but if you are a university student don’t forget to bring your student ID as this will help you get some discount at the Vatican and other main sites in Rome. Next, think about the time when you should be visiting the city because months like July or August are very busy and it can be difficult to find an accommodation, not to mention the heat and sweat on top of that. So, the ideal time to visit Rome would be spring season or during Christmas as you will not only be able to see the city at its best but also enjoy the attractive discounts.

Although there are a plethora of accommodation options available in Rome, searching for suitable hotel in the city may seem like a chore and eat up your valuable time that you could otherwise spend relaxing or sightseeing. So your Roma trip planning should include online hotel reservation in advance as this take the stress out of searching for a suitable hotel and you can directly take a bus or taxi from the airport and arrive at your hotel.

After you have taken care where to stay in Rome, don’t forget to include restaurant research in your trip planning to ensure that you enjoy the best Italian food at reasonable rates while you are here. It can be quite difficult to go around searching for a good restaurant when your stomach is growling with hunger; and please remember that not all Italian restaurants serve good Italian food. So, research online and look in the traveler review sites to find some good restaurants that offer great Italian food at a reasonable rate.

Before you start your sightseeing spree in Rome, don’t forget to know the closing dates for the important landmarks that you have included in your itinerary. It can be highly disappointing to turn up on the Vatican museums on Sundays only to find out that they are closed on those days. This saves your mood as well as your time, which you can spend visiting other important tourist attractions in and around the city.

We hope that planning your Roma trip before hand will help you save time and money on your journey, and if in the worst case you are unable to see everything in your first trip, don’t forget to toss a coin at the Trevi fountain with a wish and the legend has it that you will definitely visit again!


My best quote of the day

Deutsch: Laozi

Deutsch: Laozi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

Thursday’s Coconut

Mike’s road planner: Now i know i love small and cozy places myself. and sometimes i find my cat inside the laundry sleeping on my best coat, but this picture just made me laugh! the coconut had a visitor, and from the looks of it he was hungry 🙂


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