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The Dark Hedges.

Ireland is one of my favorite destinations in Europe, its so wild and alive, together with all the history and nature, its a special country.


Bregagh Road near Armoy, Ireland. Photographed by Pawel Klarecki

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Context & Clarification

Such beauty, i wasn’t sure whats more beautiful, your love or this amazing country! AUSTRALIA and of course Sydney trip planning is not a very easy task. it really depends on how long you have.

Here: Sydney you can find a list of 10 must see places:   Cheers 🙂

A Big Life

A few weeks ago, to his great excitement, SG was gifted a book on Australia. The book came courtesy of his father, who places a great deal of value on knowing places he is visiting, if his clearing-out of the Weiden tourist information brochure stands is anything to go by. I don’t think anybody had cleared out the Weiden tourist information brochure stands since 1985. The woman with her bleached perm was bewildered.

Shortly after unwrapping his book and lovingly carting it to work, where he pored over it when he was supposed to be working,  I received a series of messages stating facts about, primarily, New South Wales. Facts, I am not going to lie, I wasn’t aware of. Does anyone really know why the Harbour Bridge is painted the colour it is? I do, now. Soon a map followed with a possible driving route highlighted. Then the wild assertion…

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My Usa Eyewitness Travel Guide Review

English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, N...

English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think this is a decent book for getting a good taste of what the USA is like for traveler. for first timer, its a good place to start. its good for New York City trips, and a lot of other spots. its a great book for heavy traveler, not for those who are traveling the USA for a week… its best for cross country trips. you get plenty of good advice’s and tips for the big cities as well as the small country towns. its a great book for my own traveling collection books.

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A Maldivian Surprise

Plan a trip to Asia, and have a great adventure! i just love all the culture you absorb there. great pictures too

Heather & Fred's Excellent Adventure

Fred here. When Heather and I started planning this trip, we knew we wanted to finish it off in a beautiful, relaxing environment. After two months of Nepal and India we knew we’d need to decompress. We tossed around lots of tropical beach locations – Bali, Fiji, etc. But as we began doing some research, one place really grabbed our attention. So it was decided – The Maldives. If you look at a map of the world, you pretty much can’t get any farther away from where our home is. But given its proximity to southern India where we would travel from, it couldn’t have been more convenient.

The Maldives is a country comprised of roughly 1,200 small islands southwest of the southern tip of India. These islands are ultimately dots of coral and sand gently rising out of the most aqua colored water you’ve ever seen. Male, the capital…

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Do you know ten most bizarre restaurants in the world – part three

Here are some places i would love eating at San Francisco while i’m on my USA trip!!


Dinner in the sky, are everywhere in the world

Dining in the skyHave you ever thought eating in the midair of Paris, Brussels and Dubai? Dinner in the sky can help you to do. In the restaurant has a table weighed 7 tons, and can sit 22 people; it is lift up through the crane, hovering in the 165 – foot – high sky. But if you want to eat this meal, not only have money, but also have the time. The whole process will take eight hours, , it will take two hours in rising up, so you must remember to go to the toilet before rising up. Although go down only need a minute, a person wants to come down, all must follow down.
The Supperclub, in San Francisco, Amsterdam, etc

The SupperclubHere, the top dishes, design and performing perfectly combine together. The four dishes restaurant provides are all to be eaten…

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Eruo- Trip: Amsterdam and Rotterdam 18-22 July

Amsterdam is a great destination to star a Euro trip!

Loose Cannon Wife in Ex-pat Life

Amsterdam 18-19 July

We spent one night in Amsterdam on route to see our friends in Rotterdam. The weather again was not on our side! Arriving in Amsterdam in the evening, we walked around the city. As we walked through the vibrant city we sampled one of the popular national delicious dishes- hot chips with mayonnaise! MMMM so yummy. From there we walked around the infamous Red Light District where one can purchase many woman in different shapes and sizes. Sex is for sale in street available booths- as the ladies tempt to beckon you in through there glass windows. However, my mind kept on thinking- where are the men for the woman to sample? We live in such a patriarchal world! Despite the many comments about Amsterdam, it actually is a very picturesque city, with many canals and cute bridges. I have a huge fetish about bridges. We only…

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My Fodor’s Travel Publications London Review

London Eye trip (South - see the notes)

London Eye trip (South – see the notes) (Photo credit: Kol Tregaskes)

I think this book can give you an extra for the main routes and attractions in London. I’ve been to the UK and specifically London many times, and i really appreciated the 2012 edition of this book. the maps and pictures helped allot, and we enjoyed to plan a London trip with this book. it could be that this book is allot more for people that visited London before, and are familiar with allot of the areas.

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