About me

Captain Hook

Captain Hook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello  Travelers! or as the good old pirates say AHOY!

My name is mike, and i’m a senior road traveler, i spend most of my time planning the next voyage. so here i’ll be sharing my thoughts, tips and ideas. and i will also share with you some cool posts i find, here and there, and include my point of view:) like a true traveling pirate that i am (the pirate thing is an old joke, sorry about that :).  So anyway i love traveling, and i love long and short  traveling, and a big part of being a traveling person, is to plan my trip:’) I spend a lot of time doing research, mapping, and reading reviews. here i will share my tips and great gems i come across, that will help me and you to plan a trip to remember.

so stay tuned, follow me and welcome to My World Trip planner blog

Bon voyage 🙂




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