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My best quote of the day

Deutsch: Laozi

Deutsch: Laozi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu



Mike road planner: Taking a trip to Paris, you can various attractions, the greatest places to visit are chapels, no matter whats your religion, you get a taste of how they built back then. plan a trip to all the castles, gardens and chapels in Paris, and you’ll come back home with lots of great pictures and stories.

Bridget Ehemann

Impressive stained glass surrounds the alter of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Half of the building was under repair during my visit, so I hope to return when it is complete …along with a wide-angle lens and a tripod!   © 2012 by Bridget Ehemann

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“The real voyag…

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
― Marcel Proust

My Backpackers traveling tips C’est la vie

I decided i want to share with you, my way of traveling.  First i have to admit i didn’t invent anything of what you are about to read,


Backpacking (Photo credit: B-Nack)

but this is the lessons i learned at my own personal experience and from what i consider a decent research. if we were today in the middle ages, i would say its a pirate way of traveling, and what i mean is BACKPACKING. beside all the things that you learn while backpacking, about life and what’s really important, in order to backpack smartly, you need to go by a budget, that is what backpacking is all about, traveling light by load and by wallet!

So i suppose you are imagining a backpacker as a youth with one pair of jeans, and a student, but thats not entirely true. today you can find backpackers at all ages. from couples to good friends and small to big groups, everyone likes to travel, and maybe you just recently did a road trip. and if you are like me, than you like to travel backpacking. so what are the most important tips you need to know while backpacking?  here is a small list:

  1. Think spontaneously while you plan a trip, if you’ll do that and have your budget in mind, you might be able to lower your traveling cost. don’t stick to your original plan unless you have to.
  2.  Do plenty of walking, now if you have a health condition than i understand, but while you are in a different country, you should walk and experience the streets and the local life. If you are in a big city than you can take a metro to certain points but walk there if its close. walk around your hostel, feel the local life, you will learn allot more then looking through the window of a car or a bus.
  3. Budget accommodation , it is known that the price rates goes lower from hotels if you chose a hostel, and it is very cozy and nice, i find the people are allot more friendly in hostels. and there are allot of great hostels out there.
  4. Travel lite, it connects to the tip above, while you are traveling pack light, it will make your life easier, also do the shopping at your last destination, that way you will know how much you can spend, and you will not have to carry it on the entire trip.
  5. Travel with a partner, now this is not a must, and i say that from experience, it is much better to travel with a partner, it saves the cost of paying for the accommodation by yourself, it is not easy to find the perfect partner, and it also fun by yourself, but budget thinking it is better to travel with another person.
  6. Buy your food at the grocery shop I love eating at restaurants  but while i’m backpacking and i need to consider my budget  for the trip, i eat stuff that i cook. i buy my food at the grocery shop. it can save you allot of money, which you can use for more time somewhere else.

Have fun


Travel Thursday – Ghent, Belgium

Mikes road planner: What i love about Belgium, is that its a country for a vacation. i mean that its not too expensive compared to the UK or even France, and you may travel there at ease, for low budgets it gives you great places to visit, beautiful hotels. and so many restaurants that offers great local dishes, and all kind of delicacies from all over the world.

Context & Clarification

Such beauty, i wasn’t sure whats more beautiful, your love or this amazing country! AUSTRALIA and of course Sydney trip planning is not a very easy task. it really depends on how long you have.

Here: Sydney you can find a list of 10 must see places:   Cheers 🙂

A Big Life

A few weeks ago, to his great excitement, SG was gifted a book on Australia. The book came courtesy of his father, who places a great deal of value on knowing places he is visiting, if his clearing-out of the Weiden tourist information brochure stands is anything to go by. I don’t think anybody had cleared out the Weiden tourist information brochure stands since 1985. The woman with her bleached perm was bewildered.

Shortly after unwrapping his book and lovingly carting it to work, where he pored over it when he was supposed to be working,  I received a series of messages stating facts about, primarily, New South Wales. Facts, I am not going to lie, I wasn’t aware of. Does anyone really know why the Harbour Bridge is painted the colour it is? I do, now. Soon a map followed with a possible driving route highlighted. Then the wild assertion…

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My Usa Eyewitness Travel Guide Review

English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, N...

English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think this is a decent book for getting a good taste of what the USA is like for traveler. for first timer, its a good place to start. its good for New York City trips, and a lot of other spots. its a great book for heavy traveler, not for those who are traveling the USA for a week… its best for cross country trips. you get plenty of good advice’s and tips for the big cities as well as the small country towns. its a great book for my own traveling collection books.

View all my reviews: http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/12450818-mikes-road-planner?shelf=read

Thailand and the Beauty all around

Thailand trip planning is a complicated endeavor. It is one where you really have to look at what you want to get out of your trip in Thailand. While you can stay in luxurious hotels for pennies on the dollar, getting room service and kicking back, relaxing; you can also set out to have a true Thailand adventure. One that is full of hiking, swimming, diving and other outdoor adventures where you take advantage of the lush landscape and all that nature has to offer.

The beaches are one of the biggest draws. You can go to the beach and spend a month for what you would spend in just one week or less in an American hotel. The prices are low and you will be right on the water. Know that this tends to be a party central at night and you will likely find yourself drawn to the bonfire and the dancing. It might not be the most restful choice, but you will definitely have fun.

There are a number of surrounding islands and parks. It is one of the greenest places on earth. You can plan a camping excursion and head into the backcountry, camping your way through Thailand. The great part about this type of trip is as you hit little villages and towns you can stay in the finest hotels and still hardly spend any money. This means you get the beauty of the backcountry and you can feel totally rested and clean every once in awhile.

For the true city dweller, Bangkok is the place to be. You will never get over how much there is to do and buy in the city. It is a crowded place and it is advisable to leave your more pricey items secured in the hotel safe or hidden in your room. Pickpockets and other thieves are a problem as they like to target tourists. For this reason, keep your money close and you will be absolutely fine. You can find dance clubs, interesting food and even catch a local movie if it interests you. Plan a trip to Thailand and you will have a fantastic vacation guarantee!

thailand ko phi phi 02

thailand ko phi phi 02 (Photo credit: FriskoDude)

Road travel planner, that’s the answer!

Travel plans in Europe

Travel plans in Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a senior traveler, i found there are a lot of great web sites that can help me to plan a trip. its so brilliant that once i’m in the map, i can click on various sites and i can view the wiki-travel info or the Wikipedia site in order to discover what things you might be interested in seeing. This means that if for example your planning a family trip, you can involve everyone in the family in the travel process. You can even break down the street view or add various reviews to the road travel planner area in order to help future visitors come up with a good plan. You get a full view of the area and what it has to offer. This also gives you a chance to alter your plans before you begin.

From start to finish as i was using these planning sites, I felt as though I always had someone on my side when it came to making choices.  I accessed the information during our trip, made adjustments and even added new sites. A travel system that is interactive is much more useful than a hard copy book or a static planning trips guide that is complicated to adjust. Every place we went we had a chance to discover something new and interesting, it was much more fun than a book.

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