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Context & Clarification

Such beauty, i wasn’t sure whats more beautiful, your love or this amazing country! AUSTRALIA and of course Sydney trip planning is not a very easy task. it really depends on how long you have.

Here: Sydney you can find a list of 10 must see places:   Cheers 🙂

A Big Life

A few weeks ago, to his great excitement, SG was gifted a book on Australia. The book came courtesy of his father, who places a great deal of value on knowing places he is visiting, if his clearing-out of the Weiden tourist information brochure stands is anything to go by. I don’t think anybody had cleared out the Weiden tourist information brochure stands since 1985. The woman with her bleached perm was bewildered.

Shortly after unwrapping his book and lovingly carting it to work, where he pored over it when he was supposed to be working,  I received a series of messages stating facts about, primarily, New South Wales. Facts, I am not going to lie, I wasn’t aware of. Does anyone really know why the Harbour Bridge is painted the colour it is? I do, now. Soon a map followed with a possible driving route highlighted. Then the wild assertion…

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