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Venetian House

Mikes road planner: I saw this post, and wondered How Venice was built on water? so i researched and found out that Venice was built at 421 AD, and is an archipelago of over 100 islands that are located in the center of the shallow lagoon. Venetian people invented unique techniques to deal with problems of the low muddy islands.
The buildings in Venice are constructed on closed wood piles, that penetrates the soft layers of sand, and lean on to the solid compressed clay that underlied the lagoon islands. The foundation lies on the piles, and buildings of brick or stone sit above these. Very interesting, it is also known that Venice is sinking, in the last century it sank in about 7 centimeters.

Bridget Ehemann

A home on the main canal of Venice, Italy.  © 2012 by Bridget Ehemann

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