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Mikes road planner: its been a while since i traveled to Asia, for whatever reason, once i travel there i cannot leave very fast. i’ve been to different countries in Asia, and Laos what can i say? was my vacation and one of the most memorable time i had:) i recommend going to the romantic Loang province, and traveling with a sale boat on the Mekong river to Vang vieng. this picture grabbed my attention because i was meaning to plan my trip back to Laos to visit the south territory , where i haven’t visited there last time.

nomadruss in words and photos

Northwest of Luang Nam Ta, on the broad river plains of the Nam La (River) lies the small town of Muang Sing. Villages dot the countryside and cultures are still mostly intact. It’s worth taking  a motorbike into the countryside, passing rice fields as mountains give accent to the distant views. The villages are a great place to get to know the Laotian people. The following photographs were made around Muang Sing and Luang Nam Ta.

I had read something in the Lonely Planet about the mysterious plain of jars and I had to make time for it. It’s interesting how when you travel you might not of heard of many places, but then you hear a conversation about a place, or a traveler who drops the name on a bus, and suddenly it becomes the most important place in the world to see. You realize that the more you…

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Mikes road planner: thinking of England makes me want walk into the queens castle, knock on the door and say : Hi i came a long way, thought i could visit and drink a cup of tea… i would probably get arrested, besides i think the whole royalty is so boring. if you have everything then whats the point? i prefer to be a London trip planner!

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