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Vancouver road trip itinerary planning

Vancouver is one of the world’s biggest nature destinations in the world; with mountains, lakes, and forests speckling the outside of the city walls, Vancouver is the perfect destination to allow you to get away from the real world and get in tune with nature and yourself.  Located in the mountains of Canada, Vancouver is an easy destination to reach on any budget and can give travelers the thrill of their lifetime.

In planning a trip to Vancouver that will let you experience all of its beauty, you must find a route that is your own and carve out new territory. Ultimately, your Vancouver trip is one of the experiences in your life that will change you drastically, so make sure you plan correctly and prepare yourself for a wonderful trip.

What is There to Do?

Vancouver boasts a booming city life as well as a host of natural wonders for visitors to choose from. Every visit to Vancouver will be a new experience in this ever-changing city. Home to Stanley Park, the Canadian Rockies, and Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver boasts an impressive array of hiking and camping opportunities for the adventurous soul.

For the cultured traveler, Vancouver is home to the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Orpheum, and the Commodore Ballroom, amongst other attractions. These give variety to your travel plans and keep your trip exciting. Vancouver truly has something for every traveler, no matter what their interests, making it an ideal location for families and couples.

How to Plan Effectively

To plan a trip to Vancouver that is able to capture all of the city’s beauty and wonders, it is essential to split your time equally between the city and its outskirts.  For example, it is advised that you spend the first half of your trip enjoying the scenic elements of Vancouver before entering the city and exploring from there. This way, you will get a context for how the city is run and be better able to enjoy your time.

Furthermore, a trip to Vancouver can be a life-changing experience, so picking the right route is essential to your planning. Spend time looking at maps of parks and trails before you leave for your trip to ensure that you know where you’re going and where you want to explore. While allowing yourself to get lost in the beauty is optimal, returning safe should be your number one priority.

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