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Italians Believe in Food and Family

If there is anything i know about Italy it is that the food and beverage are delicates ! i was looking for some food recommendations and got across this great summary of a food adventure in Italy:)

A Taste of Italy

I had heard the expression that entitles this post before I went to Sicily.  But, the Southern Italians really reinforced the point.  My roommate Chelsea has family that lives there, and they took care of us!  They went above and beyond, and they weren’t even closely related family.  Maria was the connection and is the sister of Chelsea’s uncle-in-law.  Did she let the distance in their relations dampen her hospitality?  Is Catherine ever leaving Italy?  The answer is: “no”!

Maria and her husband Vincenzo drove the five of us to and from their summer villa where they let us stay for the weekend.  It was a neat and cozy little house with an abundance of charm.  The view wasn’t too bad either.

On top of giving us their personal summer home, they had also stocked its kitchen.  The fridge was full of Italian meats and cheeses, along with apricots, nectarines…

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