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Guide To Planning A Rome Trip


Rome (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_be_back_on_Jan_20th)

A Rome trip may sounds like a dream come true as you imagine encountering the magnificent monuments, dining at the finest restaurants and witnessing one of the most beautiful cityscape in the world; however the same dream may turn into a nightmare if you do not plan your trip properly. Thus, Rome trip planning is important and you should arm yourself with the right information regarding the city to help you make the most of your vacation and also save money.

The passport is definitely important but if you are a university student don’t forget to bring your student ID as this will help you get some discount at the Vatican and other main sites in Rome. Next, think about the time when you should be visiting the city because months like July or August are very busy and it can be difficult to find an accommodation, not to mention the heat and sweat on top of that. So, the ideal time to visit Rome would be spring season or during Christmas as you will not only be able to see the city at its best but also enjoy the attractive discounts.

Although there are a plethora of accommodation options available in Rome, searching for suitable hotel in the city may seem like a chore and eat up your valuable time that you could otherwise spend relaxing or sightseeing. So your Roma trip planning should include online hotel reservation in advance as this take the stress out of searching for a suitable hotel and you can directly take a bus or taxi from the airport and arrive at your hotel.

After you have taken care where to stay in Rome, don’t forget to include restaurant research in your trip planning to ensure that you enjoy the best Italian food at reasonable rates while you are here. It can be quite difficult to go around searching for a good restaurant when your stomach is growling with hunger; and please remember that not all Italian restaurants serve good Italian food. So, research online and look in the traveler review sites to find some good restaurants that offer great Italian food at a reasonable rate.

Before you start your sightseeing spree in Rome, don’t forget to know the closing dates for the important landmarks that you have included in your itinerary. It can be highly disappointing to turn up on the Vatican museums on Sundays only to find out that they are closed on those days. This saves your mood as well as your time, which you can spend visiting other important tourist attractions in and around the city.

We hope that planning your Roma trip before hand will help you save time and money on your journey, and if in the worst case you are unable to see everything in your first trip, don’t forget to toss a coin at the Trevi fountain with a wish and the legend has it that you will definitely visit again!


Spain, Andalusia, Tarifa trips @ Voyajo Travel Planner


Deutsch: Tarifa, Sonnenuntergang am Strand

Deutsch: Tarifa, Sonnenuntergang am Strand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spain, Andalusia, Tarifa trips @ Voyajo Travel Planner.

Puffin Fantastic

Mikes road planner: When i see images like this i immediately think of a Disney or Walmart movie, like Madagascar… don’t you? those cuties come live in Iceland. I’ve been drooling over Iceland for quite some time, this is not the first post i chose about Iceland. I am doing some trip itinerary , and planning the trip there.

The Unwitting Traveller

Six million of these irresistibly cute birds make Iceland’s islands and coastal cliffs their home every summer for the breeding season.  We visited the colonies that are found on the cliffs both at Vik and Reynisdrangar and over on the Dyrholaey headland.  Each place has offers a different setting. At Vik, you get the best opportunity to see them close-up whilst bobbing about on the water.

Puffins fill the sky, alongside Arctic Terns and gulls, flying in great circles way above our heads.

They are typically less than 30cm long, but against a clear blue sky as a backdrop, I had trouble keeping my lens focussed.  It seemed almost impossible to capture them in-flight.

I needed to get closer…

Driving out of Vik towards Dyrholaey, we took a left-turn to a small community called Reynisdrangar to see what was on the other side of the headland.

Puffins nest by digging tunnels into…

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San Antonio, Texas – Day 2

Mike’s road planner: I always been a sucker for christmas and holiday times, it seems to me that to plan a trip for the whole family is the best gift for the holidays, so i’m looking up some places, thinking maybe mexico will be my next destination?

On The Road With Jim And Mary

Mary remains at home in California tending to medical and personal business issues. She has made her airline reservations to join me at Harlingen, Texas on January 3, 2013.

The motorhome is parked at the Fraternal Order of Eagles #70 about 15 miles from downtown. I expect to depart here Friday morning. I was last in San Antonio in 1979. It is located at 513 feet of elevation and has a population of 1,144,646. To read more about San Antonio you need to click this link…

One of the things that makes San Antonio a unique city is The Alamo. If you do not know the history about this famous place, you can find out by clicking these two links…

A couple of days cold front is moving through the area. Yesterday was only 54 degrees. It was 28 degrees when I awoke at 5:00 AM this…

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Mike road planner: Taking a trip to Paris, you can various attractions, the greatest places to visit are chapels, no matter whats your religion, you get a taste of how they built back then. plan a trip to all the castles, gardens and chapels in Paris, and you’ll come back home with lots of great pictures and stories.

Bridget Ehemann

Impressive stained glass surrounds the alter of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Half of the building was under repair during my visit, so I hope to return when it is complete …along with a wide-angle lens and a tripod!   © 2012 by Bridget Ehemann

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Some must know facts YOU should know about Singapore

Singapore night skyline

Singapore night skyline (Photo credit: AndyLeo@Photography)

Now I’m maybe a pirate, but I’m no big diver, and I don’t believe I’m a big swimmer, but if you are then Singapore is the place for you. It is a group of islands, a part of the united nation, and a real paradise for divers, and sea lovers.  Here are some facts about Singapore.

Singapore is the home of 5.2 million people and with millions more visiting every year, Singapore has grown into one of the premier vacation destinations in Southeast Asia. Those planning a trip to Singapore should prepare themselves for a vibrant city that mixes the old with the new.

The city-state – which is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula – is a lively mix of multiculturalism. It features no fewer than four official languages as well as an extensive list of recognized and practiced religions.

The Thian Hock Keng temple and Sultan Mosque are two of Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations, and examples of the magnificent array of religiously-significant structures found within the city. They share the streets with some astonishing street markets as well as stores, restaurants and other modern amenities.

The Tiger Sky Tower is the perfect place to get a bird’s eye view of Singapore. On a clear day it’s possible to see as far as Indonesia from the observation tower. Other modern attractions include Universal Studios and the Singapore Zoo. The latter offers a nighttime safari which allows visitors to see nocturnal creatures hard at work and play.

With the third largest gambling market in the world, your Singapore trip planer might also include a visit to one of the city’s impressive casinos.

Three Vital Facts for All Kinds Of Miami Trips

Miami is just like any other major city around the world. Traveling

Highway in Miami

Highway in Miami (Photo credit: Smart Destinations)

to this city needs a certain level of preparation and having background information about it shall help you in getting around. So because of that i want to share with you three things that you must keep in mind before planning out a Miami trips.

What You Can Expect

In short Miami is a potpourri of cultures and a hub for art. It is also renowned for its splendid beaches. Art connoisseurs shall love the many museums and art galleries here while beach travelers will marvel at the pristine condition of its trampled beaches.

Did you know that Miami was a swampland over a century ago? This bustling city was once nothing more than unoccupied swamps that over the years became the hub for diversity. Today, it echoes many flavors with buildings and monuments preserved from its glorious past, food fusion that describes the palate structure of its diverse population and entertainment that continues into the wee hours of the day. Miami trips are never complete without a full tour of its Caribbean flavors and a visit to the South Beach. Expect all entertainment spots to be concentrate in this region.

Some tips for budget travelers

The best money saving advice you shall get with regards to Miami is to travel during off-peak seasons. Hotel and travel rates skyrocket during the peak seasons so travel during Summer months for cheaper stay and entertainment. Furthermore, try to take up a place as far away from the beach as possible as the closer you get to the seashore, the costlier your stay becomes. Moreover, if you planning Miami trips during peak season then take up a place further inland as the beaches shall be packed to the brim.

Some things you should know about Miami’s Customs And Culture

Because Miami is so jam packed with different cultures and customs, be prepared to meet all kinds of people. In the night be dressed for the occasion if you are thinking of partying or dining out. If you want to head out to the Beach make sure that you go well equipped and at all times be open minded.

A large part of Miami population is Cuban and Puerto Rican so learning a little Spanish can go a long way in enriching your Miami experience. This is vital if you plan to head out to Little Havana for its delicacies. Also, remember that Miami being a coastal city will offer a wide variety of seafood. So, if you do not like seafood, then research beforehand places that offer good vegetarian or poultry cuisines.

My Backpackers traveling tips C’est la vie

I decided i want to share with you, my way of traveling.  First i have to admit i didn’t invent anything of what you are about to read,


Backpacking (Photo credit: B-Nack)

but this is the lessons i learned at my own personal experience and from what i consider a decent research. if we were today in the middle ages, i would say its a pirate way of traveling, and what i mean is BACKPACKING. beside all the things that you learn while backpacking, about life and what’s really important, in order to backpack smartly, you need to go by a budget, that is what backpacking is all about, traveling light by load and by wallet!

So i suppose you are imagining a backpacker as a youth with one pair of jeans, and a student, but thats not entirely true. today you can find backpackers at all ages. from couples to good friends and small to big groups, everyone likes to travel, and maybe you just recently did a road trip. and if you are like me, than you like to travel backpacking. so what are the most important tips you need to know while backpacking?  here is a small list:

  1. Think spontaneously while you plan a trip, if you’ll do that and have your budget in mind, you might be able to lower your traveling cost. don’t stick to your original plan unless you have to.
  2.  Do plenty of walking, now if you have a health condition than i understand, but while you are in a different country, you should walk and experience the streets and the local life. If you are in a big city than you can take a metro to certain points but walk there if its close. walk around your hostel, feel the local life, you will learn allot more then looking through the window of a car or a bus.
  3. Budget accommodation , it is known that the price rates goes lower from hotels if you chose a hostel, and it is very cozy and nice, i find the people are allot more friendly in hostels. and there are allot of great hostels out there.
  4. Travel lite, it connects to the tip above, while you are traveling pack light, it will make your life easier, also do the shopping at your last destination, that way you will know how much you can spend, and you will not have to carry it on the entire trip.
  5. Travel with a partner, now this is not a must, and i say that from experience, it is much better to travel with a partner, it saves the cost of paying for the accommodation by yourself, it is not easy to find the perfect partner, and it also fun by yourself, but budget thinking it is better to travel with another person.
  6. Buy your food at the grocery shop I love eating at restaurants  but while i’m backpacking and i need to consider my budget  for the trip, i eat stuff that i cook. i buy my food at the grocery shop. it can save you allot of money, which you can use for more time somewhere else.

Have fun


Travel Thursday – Ghent, Belgium

Mikes road planner: What i love about Belgium, is that its a country for a vacation. i mean that its not too expensive compared to the UK or even France, and you may travel there at ease, for low budgets it gives you great places to visit, beautiful hotels. and so many restaurants that offers great local dishes, and all kind of delicacies from all over the world.


Mikes road planner: Lets talk a little more about Italy. You probably noticed it is one of my favourites trip itinerary. but i couldn’t help myself, i came across this wonderful pictures of the Vatican city and i got inspired… the last time i was there, i did not visit the Vatican, its always so crowded and i only had 3 days . But i still remember the first time i visited there, it felt like i was walking through a history of art, religion, and beauty. all the statues, and the affresco painting. While i was touring the Vatican city, i saw all the culture that shaped our ideas today, of art and beauty, ideals and life.

tahira's shenanigans

Vatican City State

Views from atop The Vatican


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