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Deutsch: Laozi

Deutsch: Laozi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu


Thursday’s Coconut

Mike’s road planner: Now i know i love small and cozy places myself. and sometimes i find my cat inside the laundry sleeping on my best coat, but this picture just made me laugh! the coconut had a visitor, and from the looks of it he was hungry 🙂


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Vino Delle, Cinque Terre, Italy

Mike’ road planner: getting in touch with my Italian small side of the family, i see fresh food straight out of the market street. Maybe the Italian invented the Pizza and the Pasta, and on the way invented the full culinary experience, including the markets, the hand made baskets, and the smell of cooking Focaccia …. planning a trip to Italy must include a culinary experience. here’s a trip well planned;

Travel Bugster

Picture perfect shops like this ones exist everywhere in the cliff towns around Cinque Terre, Italy. This one was uptown in Manarola, one of the 5 cliff towns along the coast of the Ligurian Sea in the Northwest region of Italy. We’ve spent alot of time in Italy over the years, and Cinque Terre sits high on the list as one of our favorite places to visit. I’m sure if you visit, it will be on the top of your list. Put it on your bucket list and check this one off. Take your hiking shoes, because it is one of the most scenic hikes you will ever take.

Visit “Cinque Terre” under “Categories” to the right, to see more photos of Cinque Terre.

Daily Photo:

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Christmas, 2012

Mike’s road planner: Am i the only one who think this christmas thing is wayyy too sweet? i’m about to get a tooth ace of such things, well being a pirate and all i guess that’s not much of a surprise. still i decided to share this, along with my thought, and well to wish all of you a Happy new year! there i said it, i mike am a holidays sucker, what can you do? well i can and i am planning a us road trip, and will update you soon.

Mikes road planner: India has a real oriental feeling. this country is such a popular destination i think because it is so different from the rest of Asia. the Indian people are so much calmer, and pleasant. this culture has so much to offer to the western eyes, i totally fell in love with India. and this photos can help you get some wonderful trip itinerary in this wonderful country.

Planet Bell

Is India the most photogenic country on Earth? I am not sure. What I do know is that during my 2-month trip through the great country, I took over 5000 photos and almost all of them were full of vibrant, colorful people, awesome ancient places, verdant countryside, and mass chaos.

I decided to make a top 10 photos post, but quickly realized I could never narrow down my choices to a mere ten. Instead, here are my top 18 photos of places, buildings, cityscapes and landscapes from India and later I will post my favorite photos of people. I hope you enjoy.

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Penguins in Dunedin

Mikes road planner: Its been a while since i traveled to New Zealand, i think it is probably one of the most memorable trips i did in my life. one of my favorite spots was Dunedin, it is just in the south island, a port city, with wonderful view and long very thin roads. driving there was pretty scary, but if you want to get to the good stuff you should be ready, plan your trip in a way you reach the peninsula where the penguins come to the shore its a magical moment.

Bridget Ehemann

Penguins in Dunedin by

Yellow-eyed penguins on the Otago Peninsula, in Dunedin, New Zealand.  © 2012 by Bridget Ehemann

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Puffin Fantastic

Mikes road planner: When i see images like this i immediately think of a Disney or Walmart movie, like Madagascar… don’t you? those cuties come live in Iceland. I’ve been drooling over Iceland for quite some time, this is not the first post i chose about Iceland. I am doing some trip itinerary , and planning the trip there.

The Unwitting Traveller

Six million of these irresistibly cute birds make Iceland’s islands and coastal cliffs their home every summer for the breeding season.  We visited the colonies that are found on the cliffs both at Vik and Reynisdrangar and over on the Dyrholaey headland.  Each place has offers a different setting. At Vik, you get the best opportunity to see them close-up whilst bobbing about on the water.

Puffins fill the sky, alongside Arctic Terns and gulls, flying in great circles way above our heads.

They are typically less than 30cm long, but against a clear blue sky as a backdrop, I had trouble keeping my lens focussed.  It seemed almost impossible to capture them in-flight.

I needed to get closer…

Driving out of Vik towards Dyrholaey, we took a left-turn to a small community called Reynisdrangar to see what was on the other side of the headland.

Puffins nest by digging tunnels into…

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San Antonio, Texas – Day 2

Mike’s road planner: I always been a sucker for christmas and holiday times, it seems to me that to plan a trip for the whole family is the best gift for the holidays, so i’m looking up some places, thinking maybe mexico will be my next destination?

On The Road With Jim And Mary

Mary remains at home in California tending to medical and personal business issues. She has made her airline reservations to join me at Harlingen, Texas on January 3, 2013.

The motorhome is parked at the Fraternal Order of Eagles #70 about 15 miles from downtown. I expect to depart here Friday morning. I was last in San Antonio in 1979. It is located at 513 feet of elevation and has a population of 1,144,646. To read more about San Antonio you need to click this link…

One of the things that makes San Antonio a unique city is The Alamo. If you do not know the history about this famous place, you can find out by clicking these two links…

A couple of days cold front is moving through the area. Yesterday was only 54 degrees. It was 28 degrees when I awoke at 5:00 AM this…

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Mike road planner: Taking a trip to Paris, you can various attractions, the greatest places to visit are chapels, no matter whats your religion, you get a taste of how they built back then. plan a trip to all the castles, gardens and chapels in Paris, and you’ll come back home with lots of great pictures and stories.

Bridget Ehemann

Impressive stained glass surrounds the alter of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Half of the building was under repair during my visit, so I hope to return when it is complete …along with a wide-angle lens and a tripod!   © 2012 by Bridget Ehemann

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