Tarvel to the tropic paradise

Thailand is one the most amazing place to visit. The place is full of agent statues, libidinous cuisine to try, and experiences the life of the native. I am not talking about visit the city. To get a true experience of Thailand, the first place I recommend that you should visit is their theme park.

They might had ride but the unique thing about Thai theme park from the United State is they had animal perform curtain dances and stuns. Just make sure you capture this on video.

Upon visit the theme park, you will see elephants perform a dance, a man perform a stuns with a alligator month open with the performer head inside. Ask your tour-guild for direction. After that exciting visited, it time to enjoy some Thai cuisine, which is the place to experience the true meaning of Thai dinning; again, ask your tour-guile for detail.

The third place to visit is their museum . The tour-guide “who also speak English” will explain the history of Thailand. Make sure you take allot of pictures when visit one of their museum.

If that is not enough, you can always enter the village to see how villager live their life. You will be amaze how they make their lives livable even in a tough environments. The village dinning is also unique and difference from the city traditional style of dinning.

One thing that you need to aware of is even their unique way of dinning might be difference but it said that the foods they eat tent to decrease the change of getting sick.

Each of their attractions had a classical theme music that make you feel you are in the atmosphere, which can be purchase at their gift-shop. Speaking of gift-shop, you can purchase other souvenir to completed your souvenir collection.


From all this amazement, there is one thing that you need to be aware of. Most part of Thailand is currently cover with flood-water so it is best to be prepare. You don’t want the weather to ruined your fun.

This one trip will be a memorable one.


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A senior traveler, loves sight seeing and taking pictures. I've been all over the world, i'm very updated in the field of traveling and looking to share my knowledge :)

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