Puffin Fantastic

Mikes road planner: When i see images like this i immediately think of a Disney or Walmart movie, like Madagascar… don’t you? those cuties come live in Iceland. I’ve been drooling over Iceland for quite some time, this is not the first post i chose about Iceland. I am doing some trip itinerary , and planning the trip there.

The Unwitting Traveller

Six million of these irresistibly cute birds make Iceland’s islands and coastal cliffs their home every summer for the breeding season.  We visited the colonies that are found on the cliffs both at Vik and Reynisdrangar and over on the Dyrholaey headland.  Each place has offers a different setting. At Vik, you get the best opportunity to see them close-up whilst bobbing about on the water.

Puffins fill the sky, alongside Arctic Terns and gulls, flying in great circles way above our heads.

They are typically less than 30cm long, but against a clear blue sky as a backdrop, I had trouble keeping my lens focussed.  It seemed almost impossible to capture them in-flight.

I needed to get closer…

Driving out of Vik towards Dyrholaey, we took a left-turn to a small community called Reynisdrangar to see what was on the other side of the headland.

Puffins nest by digging tunnels into…

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