Review: Diethnes (Sydney CBD)

Mikes road planner: I found while visiting Australia backpacking way back, that Australian have pretty decent cooking, and there dishes are very tasty, perhaps its very similar to what i’m used to eat. and maybe i’m just hungry right now and this picture of this dish made me hungrier.. thats what happens when you’re a pirate 🙂 but while researching for Sydney route planner don’t forget to schedule some time for the food experience, and maybe take a wine tour… but thats a different post coming up soon!

lateral eating

My sister’s 8th anniversary in Australia was last month. She was craving Greek food and wanted to revisit Yiamas but we decided to try a new place instead. Diethnes had been on my radar for a while thanks to good customer reviews; finally it was time to see if it lived up to the hype.

The restaurant is located on Pitt Street, but it’s quite hidden below ground level. Inside it’s very spacious and has a warm 80s kind of feel. Our waiter overheard us while browsing the menu and asked “¿hablan español?” (do you speak Spanish?). He was a super polite and helpful Argentinian.

As per usual we ordered a bunch of dishes to share, nothing too exotic: a Greek salad, anchovies, octopus and souvlaki.

The Greek salad came first. The menu has different prices for small and large servings, as well as for local and…

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