My Backpackers traveling tips C’est la vie

I decided i want to share with you, my way of traveling.  First i have to admit i didn’t invent anything of what you are about to read,


Backpacking (Photo credit: B-Nack)

but this is the lessons i learned at my own personal experience and from what i consider a decent research. if we were today in the middle ages, i would say its a pirate way of traveling, and what i mean is BACKPACKING. beside all the things that you learn while backpacking, about life and what’s really important, in order to backpack smartly, you need to go by a budget, that is what backpacking is all about, traveling light by load and by wallet!

So i suppose you are imagining a backpacker as a youth with one pair of jeans, and a student, but thats not entirely true. today you can find backpackers at all ages. from couples to good friends and small to big groups, everyone likes to travel, and maybe you just recently did a road trip. and if you are like me, than you like to travel backpacking. so what are the most important tips you need to know while backpacking?  here is a small list:

  1. Think spontaneously while you plan a trip, if you’ll do that and have your budget in mind, you might be able to lower your traveling cost. don’t stick to your original plan unless you have to.
  2.  Do plenty of walking, now if you have a health condition than i understand, but while you are in a different country, you should walk and experience the streets and the local life. If you are in a big city than you can take a metro to certain points but walk there if its close. walk around your hostel, feel the local life, you will learn allot more then looking through the window of a car or a bus.
  3. Budget accommodation , it is known that the price rates goes lower from hotels if you chose a hostel, and it is very cozy and nice, i find the people are allot more friendly in hostels. and there are allot of great hostels out there.
  4. Travel lite, it connects to the tip above, while you are traveling pack light, it will make your life easier, also do the shopping at your last destination, that way you will know how much you can spend, and you will not have to carry it on the entire trip.
  5. Travel with a partner, now this is not a must, and i say that from experience, it is much better to travel with a partner, it saves the cost of paying for the accommodation by yourself, it is not easy to find the perfect partner, and it also fun by yourself, but budget thinking it is better to travel with another person.
  6. Buy your food at the grocery shop I love eating at restaurants  but while i’m backpacking and i need to consider my budget  for the trip, i eat stuff that i cook. i buy my food at the grocery shop. it can save you allot of money, which you can use for more time somewhere else.

Have fun



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A senior traveler, loves sight seeing and taking pictures. I've been all over the world, i'm very updated in the field of traveling and looking to share my knowledge :)

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