A Maldivian Surprise

Plan a trip to Asia, and have a great adventure! i just love all the culture you absorb there. great pictures too

Heather & Fred's Excellent Adventure

Fred here. When Heather and I started planning this trip, we knew we wanted to finish it off in a beautiful, relaxing environment. After two months of Nepal and India we knew we’d need to decompress. We tossed around lots of tropical beach locations – Bali, Fiji, etc. But as we began doing some research, one place really grabbed our attention. So it was decided – The Maldives. If you look at a map of the world, you pretty much can’t get any farther away from where our home is. But given its proximity to southern India where we would travel from, it couldn’t have been more convenient.

The Maldives is a country comprised of roughly 1,200 small islands southwest of the southern tip of India. These islands are ultimately dots of coral and sand gently rising out of the most aqua colored water you’ve ever seen. Male, the capital…

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A senior traveler, loves sight seeing and taking pictures. I've been all over the world, i'm very updated in the field of traveling and looking to share my knowledge :)

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