Eruo- Trip: Amsterdam and Rotterdam 18-22 July

Amsterdam is a great destination to star a Euro trip!

Loose Cannon Wife in Ex-pat Life

Amsterdam 18-19 July

We spent one night in Amsterdam on route to see our friends in Rotterdam. The weather again was not on our side! Arriving in Amsterdam in the evening, we walked around the city. As we walked through the vibrant city we sampled one of the popular national delicious dishes- hot chips with mayonnaise! MMMM so yummy. From there we walked around the infamous Red Light District where one can purchase many woman in different shapes and sizes. Sex is for sale in street available booths- as the ladies tempt to beckon you in through there glass windows. However, my mind kept on thinking- where are the men for the woman to sample? We live in such a patriarchal world! Despite the many comments about Amsterdam, it actually is a very picturesque city, with many canals and cute bridges. I have a huge fetish about bridges. We only…

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