Do you know ten most bizarre restaurants in the world – part three

Here are some places i would love eating at San Francisco while i’m on my USA trip!!


Dinner in the sky, are everywhere in the world

Dining in the skyHave you ever thought eating in the midair of Paris, Brussels and Dubai? Dinner in the sky can help you to do. In the restaurant has a table weighed 7 tons, and can sit 22 people; it is lift up through the crane, hovering in the 165 – foot – high sky. But if you want to eat this meal, not only have money, but also have the time. The whole process will take eight hours, , it will take two hours in rising up, so you must remember to go to the toilet before rising up. Although go down only need a minute, a person wants to come down, all must follow down.
The Supperclub, in San Francisco, Amsterdam, etc

The SupperclubHere, the top dishes, design and performing perfectly combine together. The four dishes restaurant provides are all to be eaten…

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