Thailand and the Beauty all around

Thailand trip planning is a complicated endeavor. It is one where you really have to look at what you want to get out of your trip in Thailand. While you can stay in luxurious hotels for pennies on the dollar, getting room service and kicking back, relaxing; you can also set out to have a true Thailand adventure. One that is full of hiking, swimming, diving and other outdoor adventures where you take advantage of the lush landscape and all that nature has to offer.

The beaches are one of the biggest draws. You can go to the beach and spend a month for what you would spend in just one week or less in an American hotel. The prices are low and you will be right on the water. Know that this tends to be a party central at night and you will likely find yourself drawn to the bonfire and the dancing. It might not be the most restful choice, but you will definitely have fun.

There are a number of surrounding islands and parks. It is one of the greenest places on earth. You can plan a camping excursion and head into the backcountry, camping your way through Thailand. The great part about this type of trip is as you hit little villages and towns you can stay in the finest hotels and still hardly spend any money. This means you get the beauty of the backcountry and you can feel totally rested and clean every once in awhile.

For the true city dweller, Bangkok is the place to be. You will never get over how much there is to do and buy in the city. It is a crowded place and it is advisable to leave your more pricey items secured in the hotel safe or hidden in your room. Pickpockets and other thieves are a problem as they like to target tourists. For this reason, keep your money close and you will be absolutely fine. You can find dance clubs, interesting food and even catch a local movie if it interests you. Plan a trip to Thailand and you will have a fantastic vacation guarantee!

thailand ko phi phi 02

thailand ko phi phi 02 (Photo credit: FriskoDude)


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